Tulum, Mexico

The only anecdote to a predictably long and cold winter is booking a tropical vacation for February…in September. This year, we were smart enough to do that and lucky enough to travel to Tulum, Mexico with our good friends Ryan and Rebecca. Yeah, sure, everyone’s been to Tulum now but really, there are reasons why. It’s mellow, the sand is so nice and white, one’s yoga practice is infinitely more fun in the heat, and of course, there are tacos. Some of my favorite spots from these Instagram snaps are listed beneath the photos.

Tulum, Mexico, margarita, tacos, Hemingway, palms, tropical fruit, beach

Stay: Hemingway
Tacos + margaritas on the beach road: Tacolum
Tacos in town (al pastor!): Antojitos la Chiapaneca
Yoga (and delicious healthy food like quinoa porridge and green smoothies!): Yoga Shala


You may or may not love Valentine’s Day, but you probably do love chocolate cake and cookies. Williams-Sonoma does too. I worked with a great team in San Francisco to create these heart-filled images for their latest catalog.




I’m really excited to be a part of the new redesign at Parents! My image is on the (February) cover and there’s a graphic heart-shaped food feature that I photographed inside.


Kicking Off 2015 in Jamaica


There’s no better way to kick off the new work year than by road tripping it around Jamaica on assignment. I was revitalized by the intense colors, drinking fresh coconut water every day, and shooting from the turquoise waters in my bikini. There surely was a lot of hashtagging about loving my job when posting the above Insta snaps.

Telegraph Magazine

While shooting for the Telegraph Magazine, I was happy to find that Seamus Mullen is a kindred spirit when it comes to food. His restaurant in NYC, Tertulia, is such an easy place to eat gluten-free. This mushroom carpaccio was so bright and earthy at the same time—I just love it when vegetable dishes are this thoughtful, satisfying, and inspiring!


Holiday Cookie Feature

000 Parents-Dec14

The vibrant and energetic December cover that I shot for Parents makes me smile every time I look at it. It ties into a super cute holiday cookie feature too. It’s so fun to photograph children when they get to truly play within the scene. For this shoot, making a mess was encouraged and it yielded some really genuine moments.


019-027 PAR1214 COOKI-4-5019-027 PAR1214 COOKI-2-3

Director’s Reel

From location to studio, see how my images translate seamlessly into motion. The reel includes some new footage from Ravenwood’s upstate farm that will surely make you long for summer and Green Zebra tomatoes.


I have a feature story in the latest issue of Anthology. I spent the day with Matt & Mary of Chocolate Editions bringing their quirky and graphic brand to life via Mary’s rich recipes.


Garden & Gun

Garden & Gun’s October/November iPad edition features a video that I directed coupled with stills that I photographed on location in Ellijay, GA. And yes, we did drink some moonshine with our gracious hosts—after the last dusky campfire shots of course.

American Baby


A cover for American Baby that’s so cute we can hardly bear it!