Hot Off the Press: the South Downs

South Downs England Ale Budget Travel

Last year around this time my friend David Torch and I set off for Heathrow for a day of Sainsbury’s Magazine in studio, followed by four days of driving a very cute Mini around the South Downs. David was stellar at the whole stick shift/left side of the road combo and impressively deejayed only British music for the majority of the trip (a self-imposed iPod challenge!) We had a great time taking in the landscape, cider, ale and English breakfasts in the name of Budget Travel Magazine. The story, “Quest for the Holy Ale,” is finally out in the September 2011 issue (just in time for Oktoberfest!) Check out the tear sheets and some behind-the-scenes iPhone extras below. I especially love the shot that David took of me photographing the chalky white cliffs of the Seven Sisters, pictured on the second spread.

South Downs England Ale Budget Travel

South Downs England Ale Budget Travel

Tara Donne Photographing South Downs England

photo: David Torch

South Downs EnglandSouth Downs England English Breakfast

South Downs England
South Downs England David Torch

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  1. BF September 28, 2011 at 6:16 am

    Such evocative shots, Tara – great stuff. I spent a few days in the South Downs last year and really loved it.

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