Lactose-Free Pancakes

One of my favorite food stylists, the charming Simon Andrews, did the nicest thing for me recently. After finishing up a gluten-free cookbook shoot with another photographer, he squirreled away a bit of the leftover GF ingredient booty for me at the studio. I’m excited to play with some new things including the GF Bisquick mix. It works for waffles, pancakes, baked chicken and (the hero item) biscuits. I’m generally not a mix girl but sometimes you need a shortcut. Or just something resembling a biscuit.

This morning at my mom’s in Connecticut, I decided to try out the pancake recipe. Mom was using all of the milk in the house to make what seemed like a quadruple batch of rice pudding so, inspired to find a substitute, I rummaged in the cupboards for some coconut milk. That lead to pulling flaked coconut out of the pantry and all available berries out of the fridge. The Bisquick was pretty good but the coconut milk discovery was great. I used it cup-for-cup and you should too! Try it in any pancake recipe and it’ll lend a richer, more tropical flavor. Add some fresh fruit to the pancake while it’s on the griddle and top the finished pancakes with toasted flaked coconut, more fruit, and maple syrup.

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  1. Betsy Schlect April 5, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    Sure looks yummy !

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