Omission Beer

Omission Pale Ale
This past September marked my second annual Portland, Oregon eating and meetings trip. And in honor of Celiac Disease Awareness Month (yes, apparently there is such a thing) I’ll share a newfound love, discovered at the ACE Hotel’s Clyde Common.

While spending some time at the bar at Clyde, I made a few new friends. One is apt to do both of those things on a PDX adventure. The most exciting new friend I encountered happens to be Omission Pale Ale. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Maybe you’ve tried it. But as of September I hadn’t, as it only recently made its way out of Oregon. For me it was a bit of a revelation.

Omission cannot technically be called gluten-free outside of its home state because it is made with a gluten-containing ingredient (barley–this is why it tastes like “real” beer) that is extracted later in the process, so I won’t call it GF here either. But its the best darn beer with less than six parts per million of gluten that I have ever tasted. I am by no means a beer expert since I haven’t had a “real” beer since 2003 but I’d say that this pale ale is a bit hoppy and a bit malty yet not the icky-sweet sorghum malt flavor you get from so many GF beers. Its medium-light in color and mouth feel. It has a fresher taste to me than the beers I’m used to drinking. Bottom line: it tastes really good and it goes down smoothly. Even the guy sitting next to me thought so when I offered him a sip.

Omission offers a lager as well and is brewed by Widmer Brothers. From what I’ve been reading, we can thank the Craft Brew Alliance’s CEO Terry Michaelson who was diagnosed with Celiac disease twelve years ago along with Joe Casey, the brewmaster who formulated the Omission beers and whose wife has Celiac for making this thing happen.

If you have Celiac you need to try this beer. If you’re even a bit worried about the amount of gluten it may contain, Omission has a really cool element on their site where you can see exactly how many ppm are in your bottle by entering a code on the label. Think of the Oktoberfest you could be having! Find Omission near you! Go!

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