Snapshots: Bali, Indonesia

bali, indonesia, hotel tandjung sari, sanur, beach
My recent trip to Bali with my good friend Rebecca is encapsulated here — “Best of Instagram” style.

bali, indonesia, fruit breakfast

bali, indonesia, seraya shores, breakfast, burbur injin

bali, indonesia, hotel tandjung sari, sanurbali, indonesia, hotel tandjung sari, sanur, tree

bali, indonesia, ubud, yoga barn, kafe, lunch

rebecca donnelly, bali, indonesia, sanur, hotel tandjung sari

bali, indonesia, amedbali, indonesia, amed, prawns with sambal

bali, indonesia, whole fish with sambal, fish soup, fish satay

bali, indonesia, canggu, hotel tugu, poolside

bali, indonesia, canggu, hotel tugubali, indonesia, canggu, hotel tugu, frangipani

Gunung Batur, Bali, Indonesia, lunch, whole fish, omlette, greens

Gunung Batur, Bali, Indonesiabali, indonesia, ubud, sari organic, rice field walk

bali, indonesia, hotel tugu, teatime, tea cakes

bali, indonesia, ikat, loom, hand made fabric textile

bali, indonesia, ubud, penestenan, kue, kué, gluten free dessert, tea

bali, indondesia, ubud, penestenan, yellow flower cafe

bali, indonesia, ubud, alchemy, salad and green juice lunch

bali, indonesia, spa, flower foot bath


  1. Monico March 14, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    After seeing your pictures I’m missing the food in Bali right now…Delicious Balinese food such as satay lilit, grilled fish. But the best bit about Bali is that you can basically get the best of the best like delicious cakes and other sweets and organic salads. Many restaurants offer great options, even raw chocolate cake. So if you want to venture in a new world of food, either local or international then Bali is a real treat….

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